yall should just go follow this girl she's doing what i used to do but better

kirkling asked:
"Platonic never looked so homoerotic" Then your description killed me! That's probably the best thing I've read all day. You win as my favorite.

I think I love you omg of anything I’ve ever done in my life the phrase ‘platonic never looked so homoerotic’ is the single thing I am the most proud of


*platonically places my hands on your cheeks and whispers into your mouth*

Platonically patting his platonic boyfriends knee to platonically claim his platonic territory after feeling platonically threatened because they platonically own each others bodies platonically. 

dat-ass-goddamn asked:
OMG i love you, marry me!<3:-*

sure come to canada gay marriage is 100% legal here its great.

new posts coming soon, I promise!

thank you to everyone who’s stuck around i love you


k3rrixo asked:
your blog is acc my favourite omg.

thank you <33

this is creepy now but i dont care bc i love this picture so much.

Anonymous asked:
omg I dying laughing!!! who runs this blog/are you looking for coowners?

don’t die muffin I’d miss you.

my name is Emilie and you could check out my one direction/multifandom blog  here if you want more of meh (x)

god I’d never thought of having a co-owner maybe there would be more updates but I don’t know that this blog is really popular enough to merit two people lol.  come off anon if your interested darling and we can chattt:)

Platonically smiling like a schoolgirl who’s crush is paying attention to her because his platonic schoolgirl crush (AKA Harry Styles) has just touched him and that makes him so platonically happy that he cannot platonically contain that soulcrushing smile. 

Platonically pressing your thigh against your platonic boyfriends thigh for no reason other than to platonically maintain as much body contact as possible and because it is clearly super necessary. 

Platonically pushing away an actually platonic friends arm rather forcefully so that he can platonically curl his entire arm around his platonic boyfriends waist in a manner that is not at all possessive. 

This is of course a platonic reference to something completely and entirely platonic that has nothing at all to do with sex because they are platonic best friends and platonic best friends platonically exchange such platonic remarks all the time. 

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